Limestone College Reformation Reflections Juried Art Exhibit On Display Now

The Limestone College Art Department proudly presents the annual Juried Student show. This year five students are featured including Marlon Ascencion, Morgan Faucett, Joy Singleton, Derek Turner, and Christine Wicht. The show runs in the Granberry Gallery from January 10-February 12, 2018. The reception for this exhibit will be from 6-7pm January 23. 

Works selected for this show represent a range of historical influence from pre-Reformation to post-Reformation. While the Reformation was taking place in Europe, other cultures art developed in its own unique way. In the Pre-Columbian America’s, ceramics were both sculptural and utilitarian. This style of art ends around the time of European conquests, the arrival of Christopher Columbus, and religious conquests by boat and land influencing Christine Wicht’s ceramic works.  The drawing assignments selected demonstrate direct observation utilized during these times. Historically artists had been trained through the Renaissance methods. The Renaissance translation means “rebirth” of the Greek and Roman ideas. You can see a reflection of the draped figure in Derek Turner’s draped figure drawing. In northern European imagery stereotypical of the Reformation, subject matter was hindered by the church. Acceptable subjects included portraits, as seen in Derek Turner’s Self Portrait, and still lives showing secondary symbolism. The objects displayed gave a moral lesson. In Marlon Ascencion, Morgan Faucett, Joy Singleton’s drawings from Drawing I, we can see the direct correlation of idea to process. The still life with gourds and fruit represent bounty and gratitude. As a farmer has a good harvest, we too show thanks for the bountiful skills and knowledge we can gain while in college. The Halloween still life represents the use of extreme value or chiaroscuro. As the Reformation continued in northern Europe, the southern area developed a more dramatic style that evolved into what is known as the Baroque style. Drama of light and extension of the picture plane are some of the stylistic conventions that can be seen in these images and now reflected in our students’ works.

The Art Department Juried Show is an annual exhibit open to interested High School students and current students wishing to further their scholarship support. Students interested must submit their works to be judged by the department according to submission rules and dates. We appreciate all that submitted works and praise those that show the time and dedication to being involved, dedicated, and thoroughly academically curious, creative, and excited. For more information about the Art Department and future exhibits, please contact