Carolyn Ford and Brett Schenning Receive Awards

During the 2018 Academic Awards not only were the Art students recognized for their hard work, but also, Professors Brett Schenning and Carolyn Ford. 

Professor Brett Schenning, Preceptor of Art, received a 1st Year Champion Award. This award was given by Stacey Mason, Director of Academic Success. She stated that Freshmen were allowed to send in nomination for a teacher that went above and beyond to make their first year a success. "Those in the Art Department and beyond witness Professor Schenning's extra efforts, positive attitude, and professionalism in his craft on a daily basis. It's so nice to know students nominated him in recognition of his hard work," states Ford. 

Professor Carolyn Ford, Department Chair and Coordinator of the Studio Art emphasis, received the Presidential Award for High Impact Learning. This is the first year this award has been given. Dr. and Mrs. Parker established The Presidential Excellence Awards Program that will provide two annual $500 cash prizes to faculty and staff members who exhibit exceptional customer service and superb high impact practices in the classroom. 

“We want Limestone College to be well-known for its excellent customer service and high impact practices in the classroom,” explained Dr. Parker. “Because of that, we need to regularly recognize and celebrate the best examples.”

The award nominations took into consideration special recognition for implementing teaching and learning process improvements over the past year that significantly increased effectiveness and efficiency in the classroom. High Impact Practices include such things as research with a faculty member, global or diversity experiences, internships, service learning, writing intensive activities, and collaborative learning.

"I am thrilled to receive this award as well as to receive nominations from colleagues recognizing the extra efforts I put into my classes, the department, collaborations with others and my own professional development. Giving students opportunities to go on trips such as Italy and Greece or field trips to be inspired, or by learning through mentorship of how to hang and strike a show, publicize, market and sell works and prepare oneself for the real world are so important. I strive to set an example for my students. I tell them often that the art world is a small place. We must make big waves as well as collaborate. I also do my best to instill and attitude of gratitude" states Ford.  

Photo by Rachel Ostheim for Limestone College Communications and Marketing.