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Woodwind Ensemble

Woodwind Ensemble is a class dedicated to the study and performance of selected woodwind literature. It is open to qualified music majors and others with the consent of the instructor. There are numerous ensemble combinations possible for this class ranging from duo to woodwind choir, all depending on the class enrollment. Examples might include: Woodwind Quintet, Saxophone Quartet (Saxophour), Clarinet Quartet or Choir, Flute Duo, or Mixed Ensemble. An ensemble as such will typically rehearse and perform chamber music featuring one person on each part. Though students will receive professional coaching twice a week and may choose to work on their own at other times, they will typically perform without a conductor.  The Woodwind Ensemble environment promotes teamwork/cooperation as they exchange musical ideas, and it allows the performers to share in the responsibility of shaping the actual performances. Students are also taught critical listening skills that will transfer to solo, as well as large ensemble performance.  

ME127, 227, 327, and 427 each fulfills one hour credit toward Student Learning Outcome #3 (Comprehend, demonstrate, or articulate the value inherent in an artistic, musical, or dramatic creation) of the Limestone University general education requirements. Listening, awareness, responsiveness and flexibility. 

The Woodwind Ensemble is under the Direction of Dr. Chip Hill.