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Degree Programs

At Limestone College, you have the option to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Music or in Music Education, or to minor in music. In addition, Music majors may also choose to add a concentration in Jazz to their degree program. Please click on one of the following degree names in order to learn more information about them.

Bachelor of Arts in Music
This degree provides broad, general training in music to act as a pathway to a number of career options in a variety of fields. The Bachelor of Arts in Music program is a great stepping-stone for those undergraduates who plan to begin graduate study immediately following their Bachelor’s degree.

Bachelor of Arts in Music Education
The Bachelor of Arts in Music Education provides the licensure for K-12 certification. The curriculum provides the future music educator with the knowledge, skills,
understanding, and attitudes necessary for becoming a successful teacher of music. Music majors may elect either an Instrumental or Vocal concentration.

Jazz Concentration
The Bachelor of Arts in Music with a concentration in Jazz Studies provides training, skills, and techniques in the jazz idiom as preparation for graduate studies in jazz, or as preparation in various commercial music fields. A student who desires a degree in Music Education may still earn a concentration in Jazz Studies (primarily for graduate level study in preparation for a college instructional career), with the understanding that the degree program requires five years to complete.

Minor in Music
The minor in Music allows the student to further his or her knowledge of music as an art, while enjoying participation in music performance.