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High School Honor Band

The 14th Annual

High School Honor Band Clinic at

Limestone University

January 27th - January 28th, 2022

In 2008, Limestone University inaugurated the Honor Band Clinic providing a tremendous service for area middle and high school musicians.  This clinic is designed to provide a wonderful musical experience for high school winds and percussionists.  By director nomination, the selected participants will rehearse with fantastic guest music educators and conductors.

Music is one of Limestone’s “Seven Branches of Learning”.  The unwavering support by Limestone University administrators toward music education allows continual growth and development of music offerings for our community.

Clinicians | What Participants Receive | How to Nominate | Selected InstrumentationDirector's Information | Chair Placement | Schedule

Our clinicians for the 2022 High School Honor Band Clinic

at Limestone University are:

Dr. Laurence L. Marks
Associate Professor and Director of Bands
University of North Carolina at Charlotte (Retired) (BIO)

Mr. Joseph B. Earp
Director of Athletic Bands
Limestone University (BIO)


What Honor Band Members Receive:

Selected participants for the High School Honor Band Clinic will receive lunch (Friday only) at Stephenson Dining Hall on our campus featuring a wide variety of fresh foods designed to satisfy everyone's appetite and a HSHB Clinic T-shirt. More importantly, selected participants will receive top-quality instruction provided by exceptional visiting clinicians and the opportunity to perform alongside highly talented students from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, all for FREE as provided by Limestone University.


How to be selected for the Honor Band:

To be eligible for consideration, student nominees must be:

  • Currently enrolled in grades 9 – 12
  • Recommended by their Director
  • Available for the entire clinic event; no requested absence will be approved.

Directors will NOMINATE your talented students USING THIS FORM (Form will be active Monday, October 4th) for the 2021 HSHB Clinic. Please be certain that they are eligible for consideration as indicated above.  Nominees must be listed in order of their performance skills, with the strongest player listed first.

There will only be TWO ensembles, so it is assumed directors will nominate his/her most capable players.  This clinic is designed for the more proficient and experienced instrumentalists.  We guarantee that we will accept a minimum of two students from every school provided the nomination form includes at least one brass and one woodwind player IF the form is received on or before FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4th.  Nominations that arrive after FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4th will be considered only if there is a need for additional personnel to balance instrumentation.  Once the bands are selected, directors will be notified of chair placement instructions.



How the Honor Band will be constructed:

The High School Honor Band Clinic will be constructed based on the South Carolina All-State Senior Band instrumentation model.  There will only be TWO ensembles* with the desired instrumentation being:

  • 12 Flutes
  • 4 Oboes
  • 4 Bassoon
  • 24 Clarinets
  • 4 Bass Clarinets
  • 2 Contra Clarinets
  • 6 Alto Saxophones
  • 2 Tenor Saxophones
  • 1 Bari Saxophone
  • 16 Trumpet
  • 8 Horn
  • 8 Trombone
  • 1 Bass Trombone
  • 4 Euphonium
  • 8 Tuba
  • 2 String Bass (Upright Double-Bass)
  • 7 Percussion
  • 1 Timpani


Director’s Information:

Directors’ activities include observation of rehearsals, concert attendance, and meals on Friday including a breakfast reception sponsored by Roper Music of Spartanburg, lunch at Stephenson Dining Hall.

TRANSPORTATION – All selected participants of the High School Honor Band at Limestone University will rehearse and perform at Fullerton Auditorium on the main campus.  Participants must be legally eligible to drive themselves or have someone designated to transport your selected students during this event.  Limestone University cannot provide transportation in any way.  The following is the address for Limestone University, along with a link to our campus map.

Tentative Schedule:


What's happening?
5-6 PM
Fullerton Auditorium (Main Campus)
Check-in will occur in the lobby of the auditorium, after checking in, please take a seat in the auditorium for the orientation. 
Please plan accordingly to allow your students to arrive on time.
Chair placement will be posted in the lobby as you are entering for check-in.
6:00 PM
Orientation (Fullerton)
6:30 PM


Fullerton Auditorium - BLUE Band w/ Dr. Marks
Downtown Campus - GOLD Band w/ Mr. Earp
9:30 PM
End Rehearsal


FRIDAY, JANUARY 28th (Student's Breakfast – on your own)

What's happening?
8 AM
Rehearsal Locations Open
Directors Hospitality provided at the Downtown Campus.  Breakfast biscuits provided by Roper Music.
8:30 AM
Fullerton Auditorium - BLUE Band w/ Dr. Marks
Downtown Campus - GOLD Band w/ Mr. Earp
11:30 AM
BLUE BAND Rehearsal stops for Lunch
Lunch provided by Limestone University – Stephenson Dining Hall – Students and directors will need your lanyard to eat lunch. 
Blue Band in Fullerton will be able to walk to dining hall. 
12 PM
GOLD BAND Rehearsal stops for Lunch
Lunch provided by Limestone University – Stephenson Dining Hall – Students and directors will need your lanyard to eat lunch. 
Downtown Campus students (Gold Band) will need transportation to the dining hall on campus.
1 PM
BLUE BAND Rehearsal starts
Fullerton Auditorium - BLUE Band w/ Dr. Marks
1:30 PM
GOLD BAND Rehearsal starts
Downtown Campus - GOLD Band w/ Mr. Earp
3:30 PM
DO NOT LEAVE AREA! This is just a chance to check phones, use restrooms, etc.
Restrooms are available at all times; Feel free to bring WATER with closed container.
3:45 PM
ALL BANDS Resume Rehearsals
4:45 PM ALL BANDS Rehearsals end

Dinner is on your own.

Change into CONCERT DRESS (same as you would for school performances)

6:30 PM ALL BANDS Call Time - Fullerton Auditorium

CONCERT DRESSED for Performance

  • BLUE BAND w/ Dr. Marks – Seated in audience as band (Section TBD)
  • GOLD BAND w/ Mr. Earp – ON STAGE
CASES – Must be backstage!
7 PM HONOR BANDS CONCERT Free to the public.


If you have additional questions, please contact:

Mr. Joseph Earp
Director of Athletic Bands
Director of Recruitment
864.300.3528 (office)