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Jennie Sweo

I have always been interested in different ways to approach the teaching and creation of artworks as a means to visual communication. I have many years of experience teaching art and design classes, working with local communities and industry people to promote awareness of the visual arts all over the world including Czech Republic, Russia, New Zealand and throughout the U.S. My Ph.D. research examines the relationship between the visual features of drawings through a style grammar. This is a vehicle for teaching new design students what a style is and how to borrow features that maintain the essence of a style without wholly copying it. My research connects human perception, machine vision, image processing, image statistics and art historical drawings, demonstrating my own interest in design education with a broad base. I am emphatic about fostering collective learning opportunity and promoting relevant cross-and inter-disciplinary learning.


  • Sweo, J. 2016. First Steps towards a Model of Style Grammar in Drawing. Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice.Intellect Ltd Research Projects, Vol.2:2, 2017. doi: 10.1386/drtp.2.2.305_12017.
  • Sweo, Jennie. (2016). Validating A Preliminary Model of Style Grammar in Drawing. TRACEY: Drawing and Technology. In Review.

Other papers derived from dissertation in progress.

  • Sweo, J., Puglisi, N. (2012). Speaking Out in Central Florida. Artistik, the Magazine of Art & Design, Vol. 4.
  • Dr. Sweo's current research is based on her dissertation, "Design Foundations Towards A Model of Style Grammar in Creative Drawing." Her dissertation abstract was also published in the Leonardo Abstracts Service (LABS) 2017. LABS is a database of thesis abstracts on topics at the intersection between art, science and technology.

Member ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community
Member CAA

Other Accomplishments
Director for the Orlando AAF for College Liaison and Scholarships Committee 2012-2013
Served as a member of the board of directors Orlando area AAF (American Advertising Federation) 2012-2013. AAF Orlando volunteer 2011-2013. I worked with the district and national chapters of the AAF to assist with the Student ADDY awards. I assisted with education programs to promote understanding of design and advertisement to schools, the public sector, as well as to creative people working within the design/advertising market in Orlando, Florida. 

Volunteer and exhibitor at Orlando’s Downtown City Arts, The Art Factory. A municipal run art gallery that supported and promoted visual arts and art education throughout the city of Orlando, Florida (2012-2014). As a volunteer I worked with the gallery director. I assisted in organizing and hanging exhibitions and sending out promotional information. I gave assistance where needed as a teaching assistant or promotional guide to educational programs that were sponsored through various city and non-profit organizations through the Art Factory.

Served as a Peace Corp Volunteer in the Czech Republic, 1995-1996 working with Bata and Junior Achievement to layout, design, and publish a Czech economics textbook for college freshman and sophomores that was used in academic institutions country wide. I worked with Czech counterparts teaching page layout and design and learning from them Czech language and culture.

Grants Received

  • As a Peace Corp volunteer in the small business group I worked on and received grant monies that were important to the success of the project I worked on in conjunction with Bata Junior Achievement and the Czech Ministry of Education. These grants were:
  • Fundamentals of Market Economy Training $16,000 AKCE grant funded by USAID.
  • Support Materials for Applied Economics Text Book. $12,500 AKCE grant funded by USAID.
  • Comprehensive Evaluation Plan for Applied Economics Text Book. $5,000 EBDP grant funded by PHARE.