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Academic Programs

Our Fine Arts curriculum provides students with the opportunity to specialize in their area of choice with several degree options available in most fields.


Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art
Limestone's Studio Art program provides a solid foundation for vocations in art related fields. The curriculum encourages research, creativity, conceptual thinking, and artisanship as practical on the job training.  

Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art | Graphic Design
The studio major concentrating in Graphic Design provides creative thinking and technical skills for a variety of career paths. This degree program offers a solid foundation for work toward graduate degrees and art-related vocations. 

Creative Writing

Bachelor of Arts in English/Writing Concentration
The writing concentration is designed for creative students who want to study writing in any form. Courses prepare students for future publication, professional writing, or graduate school. 


Bachelor of Arts in Music 
The Bachelor of Arts in Music provides a broad base for a number of careers in music. Graduate study is, primarily, the next intended step for students.

Bachelor of Arts in Music Education
The Bachelor of Arts in Music Education provides the proper training for a teaching career. Covering a wide range of disciplines, the course of study provides the future music educator with the knowledge, skills, understanding, and attitudes necessary for becoming a successful teacher of music. Music majors may elect an Instrumental or Vocal concentration.


Bachelor of Arts in Theatre
The Theatre major prepares students to pursue a professional career in Theatre or continue to graduate studies in theatre. Previous graduates have also begun successful careers in theatre education, English education, and theatre management. 

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre
The B.F.A. Theatre student will be prepared to pursue a professional career in Theatre, continue onto graduate studies in theatre or theatre education. Occupations also include stage and film actor, dramaturge, playwright, director, and stage manager.

Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theatre
A Musical Theatre major provides students with performance and production skills including acting, singing, and advanced vocal techniques. Students gain knowledge in the fundamental elements of music, directing, and design. 

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre
The B.F.A. in Musical Theatre provides a unique opportunity for undergraduate students who want to focus more intensely on their major to explore every facet of Musical Theatre and performance. The B.F.A. insists that majors be in dance and vocal lessons nearly every semester they attend.