Carolyn Ford Exhibits at Waterworks Center for Visual Arts

Carolyn Ford, Professor of Art, will be exhibiting her works in Woodson and Osborne galleries at Waterworks Center for Visual Arts. The collective theme for all galleries is Architecture and History. Ford’s exhibit will be a continuation of her Go To and Go By series. This show will be on display from September 2017- February, 2018. The reception will be September 15 from 6-8pm. Waterworks is one of the 12 accredited museums in NC and is located in Salisbury, NC. 

"I am thrilled to be exhibiting at Waterworks. This will be the most important exhibit of mine to date and will include over 50 carved disks. It has been a labor of love spanning two years thus far and will continue through this year. I hope to set examples for my students on what it takes to be a professional artist. This series is heavily influenced by my travels around the globe. After this show goes up, I will go directly into production for my next upcoming show in New York." --Carolyn Ford

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